“Working with Jordan has been one of my favorite experiences in my almost 10 years at Google. Jordan knows how to build high-level strategies and goals while keeping extremely close tabs on details. Her project management is absolutely stellar. And she does everything with extreme dedication. She is willing to dive into any situation, works extremely hard (smart), and adds an enormous amount of creative, project management and attention-to-detail value. Her questions are smart, her push backs are valid and I hope we get the chance to work together again!”
— Andrea Cohan, Product Marketing Manager Google Brand
“Jordan is an experienced, resourceful and highly competent Event Manager. She puts in the hard work up front to make sure she is well prepared. Jordan handles the pressure of a live event, whether behind the scenes or in front of the microphone and cameras, with ease. She presents well, provides high levels of personable customer service and can handle any stage large or small.”
— Brian Cournoyer, Owner at Edge Entertainment, Inc.
“We have worked with Jordan on numerous video shoots over the past couple of years, and find her to be a consummate professional. She has a great attitude that shines on-camera, and has the poise and expertise of a seasoned spokesmodel, yet also has a freshness and enthusiasm that truly resonates with the audience – far too often, professional spokespersons tend to lack that “spark,” but Jordan really has it… We have worked with many actors and actresses over the years, and Jordan is definitely one of our favorites:) We also really appreciate that when she comes in to work, she is fully prepared and ready to go, no matter what the time of day, and no matter how many scripts she has to perform. We highly recommend Jordan and know that we’ll be working with her again and again.”
— Jennifer Finetti, Managing Director of NIA Creative, Inc.
“It’s a pleasure to write a supportive letter of recommendation for Jordan Fowler as I found her to be an astoundingly talented host (both in studio and on location), with all the necessary perquisites for working in television and film. On camera, Jordan’s personality is entrancing while she remains friendly and easy to work with off-screen as well. As a spokesperson she boasts a well-honed voice with meticulous enunciation and fluid delivery. Jordan is very disciplined and serious about her work and pairs her virtues with the necessary dedication and professionalism that will be appreciated in any busy production.

I met Jordan in spring of 2011, when she filled the roles of studio and on-location host for a variety of features and packages created by advance broadcast students (CCSF, BEMA) for a 30-minute magazine show called “IDTV” (Identity Television). As executive producer, I initiated an “open call” across the Bay Area to audition talent for four positions — two studio and two field/on-location hosts. We received a huge response with more than forty people arriving in our studio to audition. Despite very talented competition, Jordan quickly and clearly stood out as a universal favorite for all decisions-markers based on her appearance, craft, and professionalism.

Jordan can also boast an admirable catalog of completed projects that tell a strong story about her qualities. So, if you are eager to work with a personality, who’s also smart and professional - don’t hesitate and contact her.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Jordan Fowler. If you have any further questions regarding Jordan’s ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.”
— Misha Antonich, Executive Producer of IDTV
“I have worked with tens of thousands of students over the years and I must say that Jordan Fowler is one of those students that just genuinely stands out to me. She consistently carries a positive attitude, adjusts well to direction in seconds, and has an eagerness to want to learn more- definitely an ideal candidate for any television show or movie production. People may see Jordan as a talented actress, charismatic host, or an intelligent student, but I see her as a special gift to this world that is going to positively change the direction of our future.”
— Romeo Marquez Jr., Writer and Director of In JD’s Shoes
“Jordan is quite simply an exceptionally talented young woman and Eco Company host. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with her. Whether we’re shooting outside on a chilly beach, inside a biofuels lab or in the middle of a cotton field, Jordan comes prepared with a positive, can-do attitude and is always ready for anything! She adapts quickly to script changes, takes direction well and isn’t afraid to pick up a videocamera herself to get the job done! That’s because Jordan knows there’s no “I” in team. She’s a team player through and through. Her professionalism is unwavering and I can always count on her in every sense of the word. How she manages to fit everything in her busy life is beyond me, but Jordan’s commitment to the show never falters despite her hectic schedule. She always gives 110% and is where I need her to be, when I need her to be there. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jordan has a bright future ahead of her!”
— Amy Plemons, Supervising Producer of Eco Company
“Jordan is a consummate professional. She always comes to our Eco Company shoots prepared and ready to deliver. And deliver she does with energy and great enthusiasm. We always get the performance we are looking for from Jordan!”
— Bob Anderson, Executive Producer of Eco Company
“Jordan is undeniably beautiful and is even widely recognized through many won pageants. But this up and coming talent has so much more to offer. She stole the lead and audience hearts in the role of Antoinette in Becoming A Jones. Extraordinarily hardworking, dedicated and disciplined, she proved that the first time around can be the charm-why wait til the third?”
— Annastasia Allard, Producer of Becoming A Jones
“Jordan has been a joy to work with on the Adina’s Deck film sets and I have only the highest praise for her. She has a warm, open and supportive attitude which helps to create a positive community on the set. Her professionalism and maturity have proven her ability to work in high profile environments. I would highly recommend her for any media project and know she will continue to have a successful career in entertainment.”
— Debbie Heimowitz, Producer of Adina’s Deck