I love working with teams of people to make visions become a reality. Whether it be an event, a advocacy policy, or a media project, I love managing groups of people around a common goal to make it happen. 

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Event Producer

I worked as an event manager for Edge Entertainment where I was responsible for producing events to inspire future women leaders ranging in ages from four to twenty-two.

As Senior Advisor and former Director for the California Miss Amazing non-profit organization, I oversee and manage the production. You can learn more about my experience with this philanthropy here.

I have also produced events on campus at USC, including speakers, info sessions, and recruiting sessions.

marketing / Media producer

My goal is to use the power of storytelling to create positive impact on the world. To live this out, I opted to study Media Arts + Practice (School of Cinematic Arts) and Web Technology / Application (Viterbi School of Engineering) at USC. 

Whether a particular piece content leaves me smiling, crying, empowered or hopeless, media messages convey messages that other mediums do not.

I am passionate about using technology for social good. Here is a sample of my work. I co-produced, co-directed, co-filmed, and co-edited this documentary.