About Jordan

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This nutella-addict California girl is ready to take on the world and make a difference.а

Jordan was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently a freshman at the University of Southern California majoring in Broadcast and Digital Journalism in the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism and minoring in Web Technologies and Applications in the Virterbi School of Engineering. Understanding the importance of getting a good education, she has been challenging herself academically to prepare for a successful career.а

No matter whatаcareerаpath Jordan specifically ends up following, she wants to make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of others. She loves giving others a chance for their voice to be heard while promoting social issues and solutions to make this world a better place.

Ever since she can remember, she has wanted to be on television as a host and broadcast journalist. Eco-Company, the international television series she ha co-hosted for the last five years has allowed that dream to become a reality. The show has been nominated twice for an Environmental Media Award. Jordan was fortunate to attend the award show at Warner Brothers Studios and walk the green carpet as a host on a nominated show. Jordan has always enjoyed traveling and this show allowed her to travel to numerous places including Tennessee to train with Al Gore to sit on the youth advisory board and be an International Presenter for The Climate Project, to Connecticut to interview politicians about the green movement there, and the Channel Islands to film what research is being done there.

Over the last few years, she has also had many opportunities to expand her professional resume as a host, model, and actress. Some companies include: VeriFone, VSP, eHealth, ION SPORTS, IDTV, Just Colleges, PurThread Technologies Inc., Canon, Seimens, Intel, Klutz, San Francisco Unified School District, Elle, Dumb Clothing, Basic Blouse, Panhandle Productions, McGraw Hill, O’Bon School Supplies, HTC, The Baseball Dress and Commercials for Watchdox, American Cancer Society, Nike, Android, Credit Karma and BlueJeans Network.

Some previous projects include: Co-lead in television pilot, Becoming A Jones; filmed several Public Service Announcements, and participated in three episodes of Adina’s Deck (targeting technology issues that teens are dealing with today), played the role of Portia Washington in New Image Productions Documentary about Booker T. Washington.а Her experience in film started at a young age when she was an extra in Sony Pictures’ Pursuit of Happyness and New Line Cinema’s Four Christmases.а Other photo shoots include being featured in Enterteenment Online, Chrisad, Zazzle, Cover Model for Supermodels Unlimited, My PicsPro and the San Mateo County Times.

Two major interests of Jordan's include pageantry and community service.аIn 2011 she received the National Volunteer Service Award from National American Miss for completing over 1500 hours of service and continues to make volunteering a priority today. She is an advocate for pageantry and has held five state titles since the age of 9 when she first began competing. Her current title is Miss Teenage California 2013.а She credits pageantry for giving her the confidence and poise to pursue her dreams as well as introducing her to the importance of volunteering, which she has developed a passion. Currently, she is focusing her volunteer efforts with Inconvenient Youth, the American Cancer Society, No Bully, Service for Sight, and a variety of other health related causes.

In addition to the above, you can find Jordan kickboxing, traveling, eating her way through fun restaurants, cooking, choreographing, emceeing, taking pictures, makingаmovies, and hanging out with her family, friends and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, London.

She has big dreams and is working hard towards defining her life’s goals that will lead to a happy and productive life.а She is determined and willing to do everything and anything it takes to make her dreams come true.

She lives by the quote: ”Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try” and as a result, she is not afraid to try anything that she thinks can help her to better herself and her future, the planet and others around her.

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